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"I mean, it is a report. But really it's the Liberal government that's going to put it in place. Personally, I don't know anybody who voted for Mr. Drummond. Nobody's taking our hope away and we're going to keep pushing forward because the residents deserve nothing less."

notches, a Health and Long Term Care remedy might not be forthcoming in the near future.

There are currently 24,000 Ontarians waiting for long term care beds.

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"The residents in long term care facilities . You need to be able to take a little bit of time doing their care," she said, adding the majority of residents are over 85.

Ontario long term care residents are getting short shrift when it comes to the amount of time devoted to their personal needs, contends the union representing a number of front line caregivers in the province.

Withers, in her position for eight years and president of her CUPE Local 4685, said for many of her colleagues, working with residents in a calling one that's becoming more frustrating by the day

On this day, she's on the front lines at the F. J. Davey Home as a dietary aid.

"When you work in long term care, you work with your heart, because those residents, you're with them so often. They're part of your family."

CUPE Ontario has lobbied for a Adidas Neo 2 White

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"Not giving them a minimum standard of care seems Adidas Los Angeles Gray a little harsh."

"It's heart breaking because we're not dealing with paper . We're dealing with people," Withers said Tuesday afternoon.

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"So you can probably imagine the aches and pains that you have. Most of them have multiple medical conditions. You need to slow down the concept of being able to get somebody up, washed, dressed and up in their chair in 15 minutes . It's not right."

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or whatever your next task is."

"These are sincere, caring people," she said. "Nursing or health care . The people who enter this field want to make a difference in people's lives. We're so limited here. It's very frustrating, very stressful."

"The people in the homes are the ones who fought the Second World War, or their husbands died in the Second World War," said Schmidt, an RPN for 21 years.

minimum standard of 3.5 hours of direct care per day for long term care residents. There is currently no such standard, despite a 2003 assurance from the province such a benchmark would be implemented.

A 2.25 hour minimum standard, active "a long time ago" is no longer in place" said Schmidt, in Sault Ste. Marie earlier this week carrying the message if current conditions persist, pressure on front line workers will increase and care standards will erode as the population ages and subsequently requires more care.

Schmidt conceded given Ontario's poor fiscal health and the recent Drummond Report recommendations that the province tighten its belt a number of Grey Adidas Neo

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´╗┐care standards need beefing u

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Current conditions are taking a toll on front line workers, Schmidt said.

"To have to pass by somebody in the hallway who is reaching out to you and you know they just want company . But you don't have a minute to spare because you are rushing to get your laundry Adidas Originals Trainers Collection

"You've got (staff) in long term care who go home heart broken everyday, but they come back because they love the residents and they love the work," she added.

Schmidt, whose membership includes workers in local facilities, including the F. J. Davey Home in Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma Manor in Thessalon and Huron Lodge in Elliot Lake, said it's not uncommon for 30 residents in one unit to be cared for by just three staff during a day shift.

Carrie Withers can relate directly to this.

"The jury is still out on the Drummond Report," she said of recent recommendations from Don Drummond, a former TD Bank economist commissioned to find ways Ontario can balance its books over the next six years.

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