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lieutenant governor

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For the Democrats, Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, D Las Vegas and Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins are mentioned as possibilities.

"I know she said that (she won't run) but obviously, she is still the strongest candidate," said state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D Las Vegas. "She'd be the strongest candidate because of her background."

"Compared to being attorney general, it (lieutenant governor) is a small time position," Segerblom said. "But this time it is different and very important."

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Being lieutenant governor would also give Cortez Masto an advantage if she then ran for the gubernatorial open set in 2018 when Sandoval would be termed out. So by helping Harry, Cortez Masto might be helping herself.

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The position of lieutenant governor is funded as a part time position for the state, although current Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki certainly finds enough to do to full up a full time position.

The reason is pretty much well known: Gov. Sandoval is a shoo in for re election. Senate against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D Long In The Tooth, at midterm in 2016.

´╗┐Can Cortez Masto really say no to Harry Reid and the Democrats when it comes to running for Adidas Primeknit Stan Smith Womens

Democrats could use that part time feel Adidas Originals Trainers Clearance to the job as a possible way lure Cortez Masto into running, Segerblom said.

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his anointed lieutenant governor candidate, state Sen. Mark Hutchison, R Las Vegas, although other Republicans might jump into the race.

The best Democratic candidate, however, is the one who has already said she won't run.

"The fact is, it's just like the Legislature, Adidas Los Angeles Leather White

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And that's current and term limited Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.

Although she told Jon Ralston last month that she won't run, some Democrats won't give up.

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Lieutenant governor duties in tourism and economic development may seem like step down to a crime fighting attorney general. But Cortez Masto's candidacy might be invaluable to Harry Reid.

If Cortez Masto won, it might block Sandoval from running against Reid. Sandoval may not want to leave a Democrat in charge of the state.

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where you are there (in Carson City) for four months," Segerblom said of the lieutenant governor's position. "Other than that, you can have a full time job. So it is not like any other statewide office where you have to give up your career or live on a limited salary."

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