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Karen Lee:

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well said Lucy, I thought it interesting that our MP criticised a trip to China which the Conservative Leader of the Council made, that person said at the time they would pay their "out of pocket expenses" and remember reading about that in the Telegraph.

Editor note: Also read Lincoln MP Karl McCartney unedited column on the topic of his Parliamentary question on his website.

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Lincoln is going to suffer badly as a result of Coalition govt cuts our MP should be fighting those and representing us.

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Specifically, Mr McCartney spoke about the City of Lincoln Council, saying he hoped that, despite the considerably lesser funding it receives, it will make further savings He gave several examples of supposed council extravagance, with the implication that City of Lincoln Council could survive on even less, and indeed could therefore receive an even bigger cut to its budget.

has been run by the local Labour Party; in fact he actually praised Lincs Tories for a recent period when they ran the city council. Unfortunately however, Mr McCartney confused his dates, accidentally highlighting a trip to China by his own Tory city councillors in 2011 at the taxpayers expense a terrific waste of money at a time of tight resources which Lincoln Labour criticised at the time.

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Last week Lincoln Tory MP since 2010, backbencher Karl McCartney, spoke in Parliament. He chose to make a statement in a debate about his government cuts to the amount that local city and county councils receive from central government.

As many readers of The Lincolnite are aware, the city council has seen its funding cut dramatically by central government nearly 30% until 2014. Council Leader Ric Metcalfe has made clear in the local press that, despite making considerable cutbacks year on year in an attempt to survive the fundings cuts, it is likely that this year, the city council will have to stop providing certain services and to start charging for others.

I see you work at Supertory whatever that is. I should be ashamed of any connection with that party. After the economic collapse following the banking fiasco they have failed in every respect.

It is clear that Mr McCartney is putting his own narrow party bias ahead of representing Lincoln residents. It should not matter which local political party controls the city council, what matters is that Lincoln council (and therefore residents and services) are being adversely affected. We need a representative in Parliament who is going to stick up for our city, certainly not one who will encourage further detriment to it.

February 13, 2013 at 5:13pm

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Despite the impact of the central coalition government funding cuts on Lincoln, our MP spoke in Parliament not to defend our city but to encourage his government to give us even less. Personally, I entirely fail to see how this is compatible with Lincoln.

If I were Lincoln MP and the city council was run by a Tory or a Liberal Democrat administration which I thought was serving Lincoln residents well, I can imagine going out of my way to run Adidas Los Angeles Peach

I see you fail to mention Ric and the Lincoln Labour group objection to changing elections from in thirds to 4 yearly, which would have saved over 125,000. Maybe you should also have a chat with our Chinese Community and see how they much they value our twinning with Tangshan and how this supports our economy in the City. There is only no mention of the 400,000 into a car park with an estimated life span of 3 years.

Obviously, this is to the ultimate detriment of our city and its residents. Council Leader Metcalfe noted most recently that it is likely that, at some point, the council much valued CCTV may have to go. It is clear that, were this to happen, it would have a follow on effect (possibly a very significant one) on public safety and on crime prevention in Lincoln. Whenever I spoken to residents about CCTV, people seem to want more of it, not less. I would have thought that given incidents such as the knife point robberies this week, CCTV would remain popular with residents.

it down publicly in Westminster just because of its political colour. On the contrary, I believe we really ought to be trying to limit slavish, tribal party bias in our political system not only is it bad for representation, it also turns people off politics.

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Adidas Cloudfoam Neo Black

"I believe we really ought to be trying to limit slavish, tribal party bias in our political system" I agree, you have yet to Adidas Originals Trainers White

´╗┐Calling for more council cuts is not representing Lincoln

do this, a quick glace back through not only this article, but every other you have produced we see finger pointing at the Coalition, yet seemingly none at the previous Labour Government. I do like your point about a representative who will stick up for the City, I wonder was that in your campaign material when you stood for Council in Islington? Will you run away from Lincoln when something better comes along, as your past would suggest?February 13, 2013 at 6:17pm

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Mr McCartney made clear in Parliament that he wished to criticise the city council only Adidas Cloudfoam Neo Black when it Adidas Los Angeles Blue White

Those earning more than 4 times my wage have received tax cuts so their income has gone up.

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