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´╗┐Cats killed and dumped in woman

"Anyone who would like to donate towards helping the surviving cats, we are having them all fixed, we would greatly accept donations," said Lehner.

"Some of them appeared to have been drowned, they were very wet, and there was one that one of our staff felt had its back broken," said Debbie Lehner, manager of the Prince Albert SPCA.

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Prince Albert has seen its share Adidas Primeknit Stan Smith Womens

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so far. Eleven of the cats are still alive, and are being cared for by the woman who found them. The SPCA is covering that cost.

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On July 3, a small kitten that was shoved down a sewage drain and was being poked by sticks by a group of children. The kitten was saved.

of animal cruelty cases.

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Upon taking a closer look, he would be horrified by what he would find: Two of the kittens died. In the following weeks several families from different parts of the province would come to adopt the kittens

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There was also an incident last year involving the backpack of kittens. In that case, Two small pink backpacks, one containing five kittens and the other containing the mother cat, were stuffed behind the wheel well of a parked vehicle. Not knowing what was there, the vehicles owner would attempt to back up and would hear a thud.

The other dead cats appeared to have been stomped on. The following day another Adidas Neo Baseline Sneaker Pink

A shocking case of animal cruelty in the Prince Albert area has been reported to the local SPCA.

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"This year has been a really bad year for animal cruelty," said Lehner. "Just to make our day better on Saturday we had a little eight week black lab female puppy that was found in a black garbage bag out at Little Red. We rushed that puppy to the vet but unfortunately it was too far gone to save her."

The SPCA staff have investigated the incident, but have no leads Adidas Primeknit 2 Shoes

On July 27, a woman living in the Adidas Neo Collection Rural Municipality of Prince Albert, found that 18 cats had been dumped on her property. Ten of the cats were dead.

four cats were dumped at the same location.

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