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Overall, they contributed to training and advising nearly 23,000 ANP, with a goal to create sustainable and professional Afghan led police services capable of enforcing the rule of law and human rights.

positions within the various international operations hosted by the European Union, NATO and the United Nations.

´╗┐Canadian civilian police contributions to Afghanistan

At the Canadian Embassy, the Canadian Police Advisor supported staff by providing expert advice on police reform in Afghanistan, as well as liaising with Afghan and international officials working on police reform.

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Police Role

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After the end of the Canadian combat mission in 2011, Canadian police moved north, working mainly out of Kabul, but also posted to Bamyan, Kunduz, Feyzabad and Herat.

All Canadians can be proud of our civilian police contributions to the mission in Afghanistan, which support the long term objective of the international community and the Afghan government to transfer responsibility for security and governance to Afghans.2003: First civilian police (CIVPOL) officer deployed to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in Kabul.

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A key priority for Adidas Original Shoes Casual

Canadian police strove to promote the establishment of accountability and civilian oversight mechanisms, supported anti corruption efforts and advanced institutional reform.

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From a humanitarian perspective, Canadian police routinely supported schools, daycares, orphanages and other important causes by raising money and donating their own time and labour to help the children of Afghanistan have a better life.

As part of police reform activities, Canadian police developed and delivered training programs on a variety of basic police skills to more advanced topics such as criminal investigations, forensics, leadership and management, as well as security training for police women.

Montreal City Police Cst. Annie Lacroix with ANP members; 2010.

They also provided specialized mentoring to senior Afghan policing officials to increase the capacity of the ANP to dismantle criminal organizations and disrupt the trafficking of narcotics and other criminal enterprises that provide financial, material or other support to insurgents.

Toronto Police Cst. Tracey Flumian with ANP member; 2014.

to report domestic and sexual abuse.

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Canadian police brought an expertise to police reform efforts in Afghanistan that was valued by the international community and the Afghan government. As a result, our officers were often assigned to senior Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Flow

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From 2003 to 2014, nearly 300 Canadian police officers from the RCMP as well as 22 municipal and provincial police services were deployed to Afghanistan as part of a whole of government mission to Afghanistan.

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The mission in Afghanistan was the first time that Canadian police had deployed to a mission in an active conflict zone. It represents Adidas Neo Women Black one of our most dangerous and challenging deployments.

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Canada efforts in Afghanistan was policing, since a credible and professional police service helps to foster stability, make communities feel safer, and enhance the rule of law. As such, our country was one of the leading nations contributing to international efforts to reform the Afghan National Police (ANP).

Among their many notable accomplishments, Canadian police mentors established a partnership between the ANP and Afghan public health agencies to permit female police officers to work out of health clinics, creating a safer space for Afghan women Adidas Originals Shoes Latest

RCMP Cpl. Barry Pitcher training ANP; 2007

To ensure coordination with the international community and the Afghan government, Canadian police sat on the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) and the International Security Assistance Force Interagencies Operations and Coordination Centre. In 2014, a Canadian police woman was deputy head of the IPCB.

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The Canadian government, along with over 60 other nations, worked in Afghanistan at the request of the democratically elected Afghan government. Canada efforts were part of a UN sanctioned mission to help build a stable, democratic and self sufficient society.

Canadian police were primarily deployed to locations within Kandahar province until 2011, with a handful of senior officers working out of Kabul. They routinely went outside the wire to mentor their ANP counterparts on foot patrols in the community, with the support of Canadian and American military.

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