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Large sculptures aren't necessarily easier to carve than small ones, he says, because their greater area may hide inner fault lines. If a broken sculpture is salvageable, he can either downsize it or reshape it into a different animal, if, as Jones said, doesn like what I doing. his successes far outnumber his failures. Jones remains a prolific sculptor, creating enough new exhibits for four to five major shows each year and as many low profile ones. He'll also accept custom orders to suit the recipient's tastes. Prices vary according to the time and Adidas Los Angeles J

mother and grandmother taught me a lot of stuff, he said. mother taught me beadwork, my grandmother showed me how to do woodworking. She taught me how to do basket making out of ash, but that was a long time ago, and it's kind of hard to remember. the decades, he honed his skills in numerous other arts: leatherwork, painting, pen and ink drawings, carving in several media, including animal antlers, and crafting ceremonial drums.

Finally, he gives them a coat of plasticized liquid polish or beeswax to protect the surface.

He looks forward to shows, not only for the sales, but for the rare opportunities they present to meet other sculptors and share one another techniques.

Adidas Originals Yellow

Adidas Originals Yellow

Growing up in Garden River during the 1960s and '70s gave him an early exposure to Native art, and the patience it takes to create it.

Jones has also donated several pieces as prizes in fundraisers for causes he supports.

started playing with it and something came up, and that how I got started. It just got more fun as time went on, said Jones. started seeing things in the stone and could bring things out. It was playtime. he saw that first day was an eagle, awaiting release from its stony matrix. Since then, his deft hands have freed hundreds of stone bound mammals and birds.

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A Prince Township resident for the past five years, Jones spends most of his evenings in a snug carving shed behind his home. Thanks to a kerosene heater, he can work there year round.

´╗┐Carving a niche

Adidas Originals Yellow

eagles, hawks, bears I love doing bears turtles, I do all kinds of animals.

don't see too many (sculptors) around here, he said. only contact is at the shows. Mostly, I do my own thing. once a show ends and the awards are announced, Jones is eager to return home to his carving shed. As he files the evenings away, erasing the stone imperfections, his mental debris disperses along with the dust.

Adidas Originals Yellow

Adidas Originals Yellow

Eagles, particularly Adidas Originals Womens Grey

I'm carving, that's my downtime. I listen to music, anything with a good beat, and go into my own little world. Jones said. just relaxes me so I'm not focusing too much on anything else. will exhibit his sculptures at Art in the Park at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion on Aug. 17 and at on Bruce Station Hall on Sept. 20 as part of the Sylvan Circle Tour. Adidas Originals White And Blue Shoes

taking my time, trying not to break stuff. Sometimes there's natural faults in the rocks, so when you're working, sometimes it'll just break off. That's the hard part, Jones said with a laugh.

Part of its allure is in the way its appearance changes dramatically once it is sanded and polished. The blocks, some weighing 100 pounds, are dull on the surface, but Adidas Originals Yellow a finished sculpture may be translucent or marbled.

Jones also works as the Garden River First Nation's liaison with the Algoma District School Board and the Huron Superior Catholic District School Board, a role that enables him to teach traditional arts, including soapstone carving, to Native high school students.

His soapstone blocks come from a distributor in London, Ont., but the blocks may have been quarried as far away as Brazil or China or as near as Northern Quebec. Soapstone is composed largely of compressed talc, and comes in assorted colours grey, black, green, blue, brown, pink, or white depending on which other minerals have leached into the talc.

Jones uses power tools for cutting the blocks into manageable pieces. He keeps hacksaws, chisels, dental picks, and rasps within arm's reach, but estimates that 80% of the time he works with files. To achieve a satiny gloss, he rubs the sculptures with sandpaper from the coarse 100 grit to the fine 800 grit.

I do a mixture of animal and human in the spirit form, how I see it in the spirit form, so it gives people a visual of what things look like, he said. try to do different representations like that. past January, one of his human animal spirit sculptures, called Warriors of the Wind, claimed first prize among 97 entries at the Art Gallery of Algoma Winter Festival of the Art. Warriors, he says, symbolizes the fusion of the human and eagle spirits.

Some of his sculptures have travelled world wide to grace art collections in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

was going to throw it outside, Jones recalled, he said, No. elder scratched the stone with a nail. soapstone, he said. manipulating it. Jones tried, his results astonished him.

Adidas Originals Yellow

detail he puts into each carving.

Adidas Originals Yellow

Adidas Originals Yellow

the curve of their beaks, pose the greatest challenge. If an eagle's beak snaps off, Jones can reshape it, but in doing so, he must downsize the body to maintain its proportions.

On average, an animal sculpture five inches long and four inches high takes from 16 to 24 hours several evenings work to complete. Large, detailed pieces may take him weeks.

Adidas Originals Yellow

Adidas Originals Yellow

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