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in schools had nothing to do with the level of golf.

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Caputo will focus on education. He will continue playing golf at Lake State for the next three years, where he intends to complete an undergraduate chemistry degree.

He didn't embrace the Eastern Michigan scholarship thinking he would one day play on the PGA Tour.

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After that, he'll head to medical school, which will require more of his time.

Caputo says golf was a means to an end that could help him get the education he wanted. But to do that, he would need to separate himself "from the pack."

That's why the 19 year old Sault native has switched schools and cut back on competitive Adidas Primeknit Crazy Explosive golf: so he can study to become a doctor.

"I thought if I could go play NCAA golf Cheap Adidas Originals Shoes

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After he completes school, Caputo will serve up to five years in residency, which means about 12 years before he finishes all the schooling and training needed to become a doctor.

"It's a difference of paying $55,000 a year, versus $20,000."

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"It became pretty clear, pretty quick that Division One golf is not the best mix when you're trying to become a doctor. He was a standout in local golfing circles, despite his young age.

and energy. It wasn't what he envisioned it would be.

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"I was trying to become a doctor first and a golfer second. That's just not what Division One was meant for. It's meant to be a stepladder to the PGA Tour, typically."

He says the change Adidas Primeknit Fs For Sale

He would like to return to Canada to attend medical school because it is considerably cheaper.

Caputo will attend Lake Superior State University this year on a golf scholarship, but the level of competition will not be as high.

´╗┐Caputo giving up scholarship

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"I've done a ton of volunteer hours this summer at the Sault Area Hospital, just trying to make sure that is what I want to do. I really love it. That's just what I want to do with my life."

"Medical school's extremely demanding. It's basically an 18 hour a day thing, as far as studying and classes."

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"I'm trying to put a much greater focus on my education," says Caputo, who was a chemistry major on a golf scholarship last year at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, Mich.

"I've always been pretty realistic . I wasn't really trying to get there."

The scholarship paid about 75% of his schooling. He finished the year in Ypsilanti with a 3.93 GPA, straight As, which resulted in him getting a "pretty good scholarship at Lake State also."

"My golf game was there. It was just a matter of setting aside the time to study. mornings. It was very different than most of my teammates were doing . Basically just taking whatever courses they needed to have a lot of practice time for golf."

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Although he has the talent to play at the highest amateur level of golf in the United States, Michael Caputo would rather save lives than sink putts.

and shine there, that would be tremendously helpful for me to get into medical school . I still want to get as good as I can at golf, but at this point, it's a means to get into medical school."

But Division One is competitive and demands much time Womens Adidas Originals Shoes

However, he isn't worried about the hard work and years of study that lie ahead because he enjoys the science of medicine and especially enjoys helping people.

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Adidas Primeknit Crazy Explosive

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