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There, the Republican challenger Mitt Romney has trouble keeping his hand made, thousand dollar loafers out of his mouth. Back in Ontario, Tim Hudak is mostly plagued by a backroom team that might be made up of former Liberal advisers; such is their lack of understanding of the people of the province.

Admittedly, charisma does not necessarily a good leader make. However, Obama has earned his chops in a number of ways, including the takedown of Osama bin Laden.

In Ontario, the question is how to deliver the best possible medical care to everyone when the government wastes billions on the file through e health, Ornge and bureaucracy such as LHINs.

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The NDP team is doing better, but nobody seems to know how much better.

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The leaders of the governments in question are different, too. President Barack Obama is as much like Dalton McGuinty as my mules are like Hereford cows.

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Health Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Flow care is a big issue in both elections.

A less than effective opposition works in favour of the incumbents in both countries, although more so in Yankeeland.

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All in, Obama strengths have the Democrats slightly ahead in current polls. If Romney keeps gaffe ing it up there every chance the president will hold that lead.

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every chance that the NDP will win one of the ridings and the Tories the other, opening the door for McGuinty to walk off into the sunset.

left or centre right in Ontario.

If you were to look up charisma in the dictionary you might find Obama picture. In Ontario, you more likely to find McGuinty smiling face if you look up dull or bland.

However, if the Dalton Gang runs on its record, there is Adidas Neo Cacity

Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Flow

McGuinty chops were eaten by pit bulls before he had a chance to earn them. You still might find remnants of them on shelves in corner stores, but you have to look behind the flaps that cover cigarettes for sale.

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Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Flow

Back to Obamacare, the Republicans are against it, mostly because of the way it tramples human rights by requiring folks to purchase health insurance. Obviously, the trampling Adidas Primeknit Boost Reflective

of rights is another parallel, although in Ontario they trampled on the question of placement of wind turbine factories.

In both countries the debt was massive when the current governments took office. However, both have run it to the point that it threatens to engulf us all. and Ontario have governments from somewhere left of centre, depending upon the issue. Those who would like to unseat the incumbents are either further Adidas Originals Red Black

´╗┐can you see the parallels

Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Flow

Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Flow

Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Flow

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