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response has been incredible," Presley said.

Two dogs and four cats, including Scuba Steve, are being treated at Rankin Animal Clinic in Fairhope.

"Unfortunately, this was a mass event and it got people attention, but animals are abandoned every day," she said. "There are not enough good homes for dogs and cats and it shows the importance of spaying and neutering pets."

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Rankin said that while the number of animals found in Summerdale gained national attention, abandoned pets are an ongoing problem.

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Adidas Neo Shoes High Tops For Girls

Adidas Neo Shoes High Tops For Girls

Other than being malnourished, the animals were in good condition considering their experience, Dr. Ann Rankin, clinic owner, said. Some of the cats had upper respiratory infections and the dogs were having minor digestive problems, but the animals were in good health overall, she said.

they can be given to local families, Presley said. Because the issue involves criminal charges, officials have to follow court procedures to have custody of the dogs and cats transferred, she said.

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Scuba Steve is one of about 50 cats rescued a week ago from Purple Hearted Puppies in Summerdale. More than 50 dogs and other animals were also found Thursday at the site operated by Roberta Dueitt and her daughter, Sharon Nicole Dueitt and at Sharon Dueitt home in Robertsdale on Friday.

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(John David Mercer/Staff Photographer)

"He a little lover," Thomas, a clinic employee, said as Scuba Steve rubbed against her. "They all very loving. It amazing considering what they been through."

Veterinarians rate animals on a body scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being obese and 1 being emaciated, Thomas said. Both Cleatus and Scuba Steve are in the 1 category, she said.

FAIRHOPE, Alabama As Heather Thomas picked up Scuba Steve, the long haired yellow tabby curled up in her arms, then rubbed his head against her chin.

Among the items still needed are money for many of the animals medical care and Fresh Step brand cat litter, Presley said. She said animals Adidas Original Brown Shoes

Rescued dogs and cats have been sent to shelters and veterinary offices around Baldwin County, Sonja Presley, director of the Baldwin County Humane Society, said Wednesday. Since the animals were found, the society has received donations and inquiries from throughout the United States as well as Canada and Great Britain, she said.

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Adidas Neo Shoes High Tops For Girls

´╗┐cats rescued from Summerdale site getting care around Baldwin County photo gallery

On Jan. 26, Summerdale police found Scuba Steve and the other animals at the site on Adidas Neo Shoes High Tops For Girls Baldwin County 36. They had been left without food and water for more than a week, according to reports. Some dogs had eaten the carcasses of their kennel mates after those animals had died.

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"He an unneutered male," she said. "He should be one of the biggest ones we have, but he about the smallest."

The only thing out of place with the image of a blissful cat was that the young male was so thin that Thomas said she could encircle his waist with her thumb and middle finger.

On Wednesday, Cleatus, a mixed breed male dog wagged his tail as Thomas let him out of his cage. His ribs and spine were visible under his short hair. Cleatus leapt on Thomas, but was reluctant to allow strangers to approach.

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are being tended to in about 12 veterinary clinics from Orange Beach to Daphne.

What next is having the animals released into the custody of the Humane Society so Adidas Originals Trainers Red

Adidas Neo Shoes High Tops For Girls

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