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Friends chairman Geoff Fitzpatrick told the 60 people who attended the meeting that the council's final assessment of their business plan 'completely distorted' the actual details.

´╗┐Campaigners for Dudley Hippodrome to keep up fight Express Star

He insisted the council's cost estimates had been 'plucked out of thin air' and said the group needed a chance to prove the theatre can be used as an arts venue.

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Mr Fitzpatrick, a former lecturer at Halesowen College, called on residents to put pressure on councillors by sending emails and raising the issue at their surgeries.

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The Council for the last 20 years or so have let Dudley town go downhill in favour of Merry Hell . every week a shop closes . Those local councillors who have been elected in the last 20 years have have to take the blame, but somehow at election times people vote for them for national issues rather than local .

grounds and 1930 architecture back into a state to attract visitors before they support the demolition of one of the last pieces of 1930 Art Deco architecture the borough has.

The Friends of Dudley Hippodrome had drawn up a detailed business plan but this was dismissed by council chiefs who said the proposals would need up to 10 million of investment.

And historian Dr Paul Collins said the campaigners would try to get the decision reviewed by the Local Government Ombudsman in the hope it would be thrown out.

The overriding concern I have is the short sighted blinkered philistine approach of local politicians. It seems they have no capability to understand the most basic business and cultural needs of the communities they purport to represent. Do they not understand the potential for a major theatre to help revitalise the town their own policies (Merry Hell etc) have devastated?

"We came up with a 10 point plan for exactly Primeknit Adidas Stan Smith

I think everyone in the West Midlands should support proposals to bring Dudley Hippodrome back into use. (I was the first Hon Secretary of the Grand Theatre Club and one who raised money that enabled the Grand to survive). In my view Dudley Hippodrome would complement the service offered by the Grand. Indeed, ideally, the two might form some form of formal cooperation.

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Bosses at Dudley Zoo have already announced plans for a new educational and conference centre on the land.

She said: "The Hippodrome would be a focal point for arts education in the borough. Dudley has had a small town mentality for too long.

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The event last night at the Station Hotel opposite the old theatre in Castle Hill was the first protesters had held since the council rejected their proposals to re open it.

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how we would reopen the theatre but none of it has been acknowledged," he said.

The council aren interested in making Dudley better, they are only interested in the Merry Hill Centre/Waterfront complex. The last thing they want in Dudley is a busy entertainment venue, hence their keeping the awful school assembly hall town hall "concert hall".

OUR office buildings in Dudley town and moving staff to high rental office blocks to subsidize the Waterfront at OUR expense.

The problem they have is the nature of the "borough" of Dudley. Dudley is a small minority within it and it is likely those living in other towns force married into it will not support a rescue.

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It is a scandal that an area with a population of 1.5 million people (the four boroughs and immediate villages) has only one full size theatre serving it. Anywhere else in the world there would be at least five.

Campaigner Joanna Roden, who runs Adidas Neo Qt Vulc the Fusion Rock Choir in the town, said their ideas such as holding theatre workshops offering training opportunities for young people, and even hosting weddings in the auditorium, had not been taken seriously.

These people have let places like wolverhampton , west bromwich, walsall sandwell all having major regeneration projects while the Dudley Borough is left to die a slow death. Even the white elephant, the Waterfont is empty and the local taxpayers are going to subsidise it yet they wont even contemplate subsidising the Hippo. The council made its mind up to demolish the Hippodrome months ago, the whole consultation process has been a sham by them. This is typical of the council fake "consultations".

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That they can find any funds for the Hippodrome but are spending millions on white elephants like the marketplace redesign and the hideously ugly archives.

PJW Makes some very valid points. Gary Robinson is spot on regarding the Zoological Society. As I said at Sunday nights meeting, a year or two back I took my grandchildren for a day out at the Zoo. living north of Shrewsbury it would have been nearer to go to Chester Zoo. However as I was born in Dudley I decided to take them to Dudley, the Castle ruins and a good view of the rear of the Hippodrome, being an added inducement. The Castle was all I remembered it to be from my youth, however, the rest of the site was verging on almost dereliction. Those glorious concrete structures put up in the 30 which gave Dudley Zoo its charming character, had been neglected to such an extent that they were an eyesore. Compared to Chester the whole place, with the exception of the Castle, seemed run down and uncared for. I am told that not much, if anything, has changed. It is this Zoological Society that is proposing to build an educational and conference centre on the Hippodrome site. I would respectfully suggest that any spare funds they have be spent on putting their own Adidas Primeknit Nova

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