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"When I was briefed on what was going on by our members on the ground there, I didn't hear about it. I can tell you that's something we're going to monitor. We don't want people to be in jeopardy or fearful when they're talking about workers' rights."

"How much more disconnected can you be? What do you mean you haven't heard about it?"

"They told me that my particular case of being passed over for employment was too far back and they can't help me," he said.

"I'll Adidas Neo Blue Orange put in an inquiry to see what's going on, for sure."

A phone call to O'Shaughnessy was not returned, however ONA registered nurse and first vice president Vicki McKenna said there must have been some kind of misunderstanding in Cameron and O'Shaughnessy's meeting.

As union representatives, McKenna said, it's "our job" to ensure such things do not happen.

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It was slung over his back and read: "McGuinty Stand Against Discrimination."

"I didn't know Adidas Neo Shoes

(past instances of discrimination) had a time limit."

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Cameron said he finds it hard to believe more people haven't spoken out on the contentious subject and some allegedly haven't heard of it at Adidas Los Angeles Gray

"Any patient who requires French services should receive that and we understand the hospital needs to meet a certain standard," she added.

"That's not unusual, sometimes it's overtly communicated that staff are not to speak and sometimes it's more subtle," she said.

"I'm pretty sure it's been talked about, but maybe he misunderstood what she was saying. The fact is we're certainly aware of what's going on there. We know Cornwall is covered by the French Language Services Act, but it doesn't mean all positions have to be bilingual."

Asked about the "bullying" Cameron alleges is taking place on hospital staff by administration, McKenna said she hasn't heard about it from the union leaders in Cornwall.

"I spoke with Patty a week and a half ago and she said she didn't know about (the bilingual hiring policy issue) here at the hospital," Cameron said.

all, including Ontario Nurses' Association union representative Patricia O'Shaughnessy.

"I haven't spoken to her myself, but I've been following what's going at CCH," she said.

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"She won't be happy with me saying this," he continued, "but I'm sorry, if you haven't heard anything, then you haven't been listening."

CORNWALL Chris Cameron who is celebrating the one month anniversary of his protest against the Cornwall Community Hospital's bilingual hiring policies wore a new sign this week.

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"Should we dissolve our union?" he asked.

McKenna said the ONA does, in fact, oppose a hiring policy that discriminates against unilingual staff or prospective staff.

´╗┐Cameron unhappy with union representation

"It was quite a surprise to me everyone in the hospital is talking about it and yet our union representation knows nothing. I get all kinds of people out here who have heard of this issue.""I know she sides with the hospital Adidas Neo Advantage White Tosca

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Cameron was pleading with the union to investigate the case where he said the CCH passed him over for a fully bilingual candidate in an open job competition a few years back.

As public sentiment over the hospital's bilingual hiring policy swings back and forth, Cameron estimates he has collected over 2,000 signatures and he pledged to collect as many as it takes to have something changed at the hospital.

and not the people she should be representing that's her choice," he added.

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Cameron doesn't see the point of having a union if it won't represent the workers.

"They don't understand the issues for their staff members, I'm sure I could get enough signatures to dissolve it. Are they going to stand up for their members? Is a disassociation what we need here in Cornwall?"

"I'm thinking maybe we should get some sort of union disassociation if they're not going to bother representing their members here.

"It doesn't mean that all the staff need to be bilingual and that unilingual nurses are discriminated against, I say that's wrong."

Cameron said he knows O'Shaugnessy won't be please with his words, but he feels she should do a better job of representing her union members.

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