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´╗┐Campaigners have to wean themselves off the idea that nicotine is bad

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The question is, will the majority of vapers shun and avoid those vaper bigots in the name of the greater good of freedom of legitimate choice for both or will they join the bullies and join in with the kicking in bid to gain favour?

Simon Clark, director of Forest, a group that supports smokers, said it welcomed the rise of e cigarettes and was glad people had a choice of what to smoke.

Five fold rise in e cigarette smokers in Scotland

Meanwhile, I do think it funny that Robert West says e cigs won "Renormalise" smoking. Only in the heads of these psychotic smokerphobics is smoking abnormal. The rest of us know cigs have been around for centuries and they not going anywhere.

It a shame that ecigs have become such a forced bone of contention. They could have been the natural evolution of smoking but for the bitter taste left in the mouth by years and years and years of bullying from these anti smoker, anti social freaks, and the abusive and insulting nature of ecig companies in trying to advertise their product. I spend my Smoker Pound where I treated with respect neither Njoy nor Elites will get it due to the abusive nature of their promotions.

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"They are a useful aid for smokers who wish to cut down or quit but they also provide an alternative to cigarettes in places where smoking is forbidden.

and then only in very rare circumstances.

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If the well balanced and tolerant vapers don think like the vile minority then they should distance themselves from it so their fellow vapers learn that they are the ones who will be avoided until they learn some good manners and stop being so anti social.

Charles Hamshaw Thomas, legal and corporate affairs director of E Lites, is also quoted in one or two newspapers, including the Guardian, but let's not be in any doubt who's driving this story, and why.

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"We haven't seen a significant fall in smokers. Most smokers still find electronic cigarettes quite basic and it will take a few more years for the technology to improve."

environments makes no sense because the product is very different to a real cigarette. There's no combustion, no smoke, and no evidence that vaping encourages anyone to start smoking."

"The increasing popularity of e cigarettes is not surprising because for the first time we have a nicotine delivery system that mimics the act of smoking.

As I said, I also smoke and I vote. The party that fails to listen to me and millions more like me, who also smoke and vote, will see UKIP rise even more.

Thank God it a minority but as you say, more haters targeted by ASH to beat up smokers. ASH loves people who hate Adidas Neo Oracle smokers. Yes, divide and rule is the game. Smokerphobic thug Sandford is on record publicly saying that tobacco consumers "are the last people vapers should be mixing with."

Cameron should seriously consider this question if he ever wants to win another election again. Vapers, like smokers, have no reason to vote Labour or LibDems ever again as these two parties hate us enough to commit political suicide Stephen Williams take note. His hysterics and downright abuse of legitimate adult consumers has chased his party back to the fringes.

"Government must resist the temptation to over regulate e cigarettes because there is no evidence they are harmful to the user or anyone else.

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I see this latest turnaround from Ash as a classic case of divide and conquer only have to look at the comments on this recent Daily Mail article on e cigs to see the almost abusive claims from enthusiastic vapers. They,re only of any use to me when I,m stuck away from home in some dreary, unwelcoming hotel in which I,d much prefer to relax with a normal cigarette, in the bedroom, and elsewhere. The fact that I,ve bought them does,nt in any way make me a vaper and I,m afraid I deplore the desperate attacks on smokers from the very people who should know better.

It also includes a short quote from me. My full response was:

"There has been a lot of scaremongering about e cigarettes but campaigners have to wean themselves off the idea that nicotine is bad. It can be addictive but it's no more harmful than caffeine.

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Adidas Neo Oracle

Sheila, as Simon said before, and I agree, only a tiny minority of "vapers" are pathetic nicotine addicts who are trying to make themselves feel better by attacking those who remind them of who they used to be. The bullied tend to become bullies after a while.

think again.

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I already do long journeys without smoking and have done for years so why would I want to suck on a plastic stick now?

The Scotsman covers the poll (from a Scottish angle) here:

I smoke I vote and I not quitting. If ASH thinks it can force us by getting all jiggy with Vapers, it can Adidas Neo 2 Shoes White

Adidas Neo Oracle

But he suggested that most smokers using e cigarettes were experimenting with them rather than using them to give up smoking altogether.

Is the death of the three main parties really worth snuggling up to bigots in ASH and other fake charities and quangos over the ordinary man or woman in the street?

"Banning e cigarettes in non smoking Adidas Los Angeles Sneaker Black

There is only one point to e cigs (for me) and that is as an alternative when I forced not to smoke Adidas Los Angeles Nz

I don care that some pubs, restaurants and cafes welcome their use inside. As long as I forced not to smoke while paying through the nose for a pint or a meal then I continue to avoid all indoor public places until freedom of choice, tolerance and consideration return to this country and I am no longer discriminated against.

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I'll return to this subject later.

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