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The role of an inspector is to investigate and help prevent cruelty to animals, they can inspect animal establishments and give evidence in court if necessary.

´╗┐Calls for a local RSPCA inspector

"I think its a great idea, I really do, the more volunteers we can get in more towns across Australia the better."

The closest RSPCA inspector to Iron Knob and Whyalla is in Adelaide, making it difficult for the inspector to cover every incident.

Mr Goods sees this as welcoming news.

"The RSPCA is currently advertising for volunteer regional representatives in Whyalla and other areas in the state to provide local assistance to RSPCA animal welfare inspectors," he said.

"If anyone in the community witnesses animal cruelty or neglect we would urge them to immediately call us on 1300 477 722 to make an official report," he said.

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"We do need a volunteer or paid people who can at least see the animals are cared to in the best possible way if they have been injured or something," he said.

However stray or lost animals must be reported to the Whyalla City Council.

"Getting volunteers can be one of the hardest things in the world," he said.

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"Animals are abused by their owners which never gets reported because people give up because nothing happens in the area."

"I have unfortunately had to dispose several animals over the years left on the side of the road that have been hit by cars, it's horrific." he said.

"It's an ongoing problem out here," he said.

his time.

Mr Richards told the Whyalla News Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Shoes

is saddened by the mistreatment of domesticated pets and wild animals he has seen in Adidas Neo Sneakers Women

"Innocent animals rely totally on us for their wellbeing," he said.

Mr Goods believes that the RSPCA should look into means of getting a rural inspector as all animals are equal, both rural and metropolitan.

Mr Goods is very passionate about the well being of animals, and Adidas Primeknit Boots Review

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Luckily enough for the Adidas Neo For Girls young eagle, a couple volunteered to look after the bird until it was fully recovered.

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Mr Goods believes issues such as this one are an ongoing occurrence not only in Iron Knob but other regional towns and on our roads.

that the RSPCA Animal Welfare Inspectors regularly travel to regional areas including Whyalla, to investigate reports of animal cruelty, and so far this year the RSPCA has attended to 18 animal cruelty reports in Whyalla.

"That's the sort of thing I have been fighting for for a long time."

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"Alternatively, the local police can assist the public with cruelty reports and seek RSPCA assistance, where appropriate, to resolve animal welfare issues.

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Adidas Neo For Girls

Adidas Neo For Girls

Adidas Neo For Girls

Mr Goods is hoping that the RSPCA will be successful in gaining as many volunteer regional representatives both in Whyalla and Iron Knob as they can.

Mr Richards recommends that if anyone witnesses any animal cruelty to get in contact with the RSPCA or the Whyalla police as soon as possible.

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