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Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

The candidates also strayed into other issues, including the standard of living, which has proven to influence educational outcomes.

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

She pointed out the Liberal plan over 10 years has not worked.

an NDP goal wouldn't be adequate to provide a standard of living that contributes, for example, to educational savings.

The four appeared in front of about 25 spectators at an education themed Q Monday at the Royal Canadian Legion in Cornwall.

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

MacDonald, as a retired teacher, spoke from experience, citing the impossibility of speaking one on one with students during a 60 minute classroom period.

MacDonald said even $12 an hour Adidas Neo High Top

grandchild was "flourishing" after being placed in a 10 student class.

He said the Liberals would feed 56,000 more students.

But just how to balance the needs of students of varying levels was the rope that Liberal John Earle, New Democrate Elaine MacDonald, Libertarian Shawn McRae and incumbent MPP Progressive Conservative Jim McDonell had to walk.

The woman said her Adidas Neo Grey

businesses create better paying jobs.

McRae admitted the Libertarians don't have a direct solution, as their philosophy is to put more power in the hands of an individual.

McDonell said the main thrust of the PCs is to shift special needs educators to higher grades, by sacrificing full day junior kindergarten.

´╗┐Candidates focus on education issues

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

He Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black did warn that school closures to rein in a deficit will have dire consequences on students who would have to transfer to another, strange school.

McDonell was asked why the PCs wouldn't advocate for smaller class size to allow teachers more time for special needs.

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

McDonell said a higher minimum wage should act as a kind of goal for graduates. Rather, he said an overall improvement of the economy by reducing government expenditures would help Adidas Neo Advantage Price

One method that has no agreement among the parties is the level of the minimum wage, which is set to go up to $11 an hour this month.

Earle said raising wages is important, but to cast a wider net, specific investments are needed. One example is expanding school nutritional meal programs.

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

Liberal Earle did not rebut MacDonald's assertion, rather he focused on fears the PCs would cut teacher positions, thereby enlarging many classes.

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

Provincial election candidates, from left, Liberal John Earle, Libertarian Shawn McRae, NDP Elaine MacDonald and incumbent PC MPP Jim McDonell, attended an all candidates debate on Monday at the Cornwall Legion, with the focus on education.

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

Adidas Los Angeles Shoes Black

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