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company moved into its space at 2707 S. Carolyn Ave. three years ago, and it will stay there until Coffman said business demand requires a move.

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The company, which has more than 170 employees, plans to buy 8.5 acres on the property known as Lake Lorraine between Marion Road and Interstate 29 south of 26th Street.

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"That's a great place for a corporate center," said Mike Van Buskirk, who leads commercial development and leasing for Van Buskirk Cos. "We never figured we'd fill the whole thing with retail. We always planned on office on that side, so this is exactly according to plan."

Monnin said interest in the property from the local business community has been strong.

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Van Buskirk is partnering with Friessen Development Inc. to put together the 130 acre project. The land has been in the Friessen family for decades.

Those features will make the move to the Lake Lorraine concept, Coffman said, where he's also planning a glassed in employee break area facing the water. He's excited about planned walking and biking paths around the lake.

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Employees already enjoy pool and foosball at the Adidas Neo Black And Yellow office as well as a money booth, where they're granted 30 seconds on their birthdays to grab as much cash as they can.

The addition of a Cars for Sale corporate campus should help encourage others to look at Lake Lorraine, Van Buskirk said.

´╗┐Cars for Sale plans eventual headquarters at Lake Lorraine

"We would put in golf simulators for the employees to use and also to showcase our movable floor product," he said.

Adidas Neo Black And Yellow

The campus will be situated on the west side of the Lake Lorraine project, which also calls for large retailers on the east end with interstate visibility as well as specialty stores and restaurants closer to the lake.

The look and feel would be something similar to what a tech company might build in Silicon Valley. Coffman has visions of high ceilings and a slide down to the lobby.

"We want to create high energy," he said. "We dream of an indoor coffee shop, indoor candy store, small workout room."

He's working on scaling it and plans to integrate the product into his new building.

"We won't need 8.5 acres for the first building," he said. "The first building demands five acres, so the other three would be a nice outdoor area where you can enjoy the serenity of the property."

In the meantime, he has some thoughts on how a future campus will develop. A preliminary design calls for an initial three story building in the neighborhood of 75,000 square feet, although "that could change drastically," Coffman said.

Adidas Neo Black And Yellow

Adidas Neo Black And Yellow

"It's a beautiful spot, and it felt good the moment I saw it," said Sean Coffman, who founded Cars for Sale 15 years ago and has steadily outgrown offices as he has expanded and diversified the business.

similar to its current office with separate spaces for its information technology workers, programmers, customer service and sales staff.

"I think it's just wonderful the way our community continues to reinvest in itself," she said. "It's kind of funny how people are running these successful businesses right in your back yard."

Van Buskirk has started dirt work for a Adidas Los Angeles

Coffman also is developing a product called Virtual Green, which is a concept he patented for a moving floor within a golf simulator.

"It's exactly what we envisioned for that piece, a nice office building, a nice setting, and it fits so well with what he says his company is all about," said Cindy Friessen Monnin, president of Friessen Construction Co. Inc. "We're very, very happy to have him, and he's going to have a beautiful view of the lake."

Adidas Neo Black And Yellow

neighborhood retail center along Marion Road scheduled to open late this year and is talking to national retailers about the east side of the property.

Future buildings will depend on the health of the business, Coffman said.

The company would structure the building Adidas Los Angeles Blue Mono

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