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No one has ever argued everything should be broadcast, just as not everything that happens in court is public or publishable.

In 2011, the United Kingdom allowed cameras into some courts.

We have established provisions that allow judges the ability to ensure that a fair and impartial trial is not compromised and that protocols are in place to protect vulnerable witnesses, shield victims of sexual abuse or provide Adidas Women's Originals Sneakers

More than a decade later, we're still waiting.

´╗┐Cameras in court bring more transparency and more accountability

Adidas Original Online

Adidas Original Online

In 2010, former attorney general Mike de Jong called for a pilot project to put cameras in courthouses in Vancouver, Victoria and Kamloops to televise sentencing hearings exactly like the riot cases.

Adidas Original Online

Adidas Original Online

For years, the mainstream discourse has been about addressing judicial concerns and ensuring no one's right to a fair trial is jeopardized.

Adidas Original Online

His successor, former attorney general Barry Penner, nixed the plan a year later in the face of opposition from judges. jurisdictions have embraced live video streaming of arraignments, pleas, bail hearings, surrender proceedings and other judicial business.

In fact, our top appellate bench, the Supreme Court of Canada, has been before the lens since 1997. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett said media coverage should not be determined on a case by case basis but rather after approval by the judiciary as a whole.

It's about time.

Adidas Original Online

Why would it?

Cameras Green Adidas Originals

Adidas Original Online

It didn't top the ratings, Adidas Original Online but neither the cameras nor the broadcasting caused a ripple.

Adidas Original Online

Adidas Original Online

jurisdictions have already embraced live video streaming of arraignments, pleas, bail hearings, surrender proceedings and other judicial business. Court of Appeal will live stream the arguments in an assisted suicide case.

Solutions to judicial worries are available.

A year ago, Victoria backed away from its commitment to televise trials of Stanley Cup rioters because it was too difficult given institutional resistance. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman did exactly what the Court of Appeal is doing today and allowed cameras to record arguments on the polygamy constitutional case.

anonymity to undercover agents and informants.

bring more transparency and more accountability to the system.

Adidas Original Online

Appeal cases, or the constitutional question proceedings, involve nothing more than lawyers reading to each other there is no reason not to broadcast them.

A 10 day Ontario hearing into the infamous 1959 murder that led to the wrongful conviction of Steven Truscott was streamed live on the Web and archived online. Afterwards in 2007, that province conducted a $325,000 pilot project of webcasting 21 cases argued before the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Courts of appeal in several provinces have Adidas Los Angeles Raiders

already run pilot projects.

Adidas Original Online

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