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But Mayor Stone says voters have already approved a plan that includes an tax increase for the school.

Mayor Stone says under his leadership the town has developed partnerships with agencies like the sheriff's department to help reduce the need to spend money for those services.

Stone says when he took office there were 350 residents. Now there's over 6000. He says he's accomplished quite a bit in the last 8 years.

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Over the past few weeks CBS 8 has been going in depth at the municipal elections taking place in our area. We turn to the elections in town on Pike Road in Montgomery County.

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The candidates are divided on the future of Adidas Los Angeles Orange

going to have to have a little debt but we would have an exit strategy on getting rid of that debt in just a few years," said Hughes.

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Hughes, who is a cost manager in the healthcare industry, says he's one of a group of people running for office in Pike Road because they think the town can be better managed.

Pike Road. Hughes says the proposed 16 million for a new school is too much and will be a burden on taxpayers.

It's a race between a mayor with a background in higher education and a resident with a background in cost management.

´╗┐Campaign 2012 The City Vote

sure that we had some input on how we we're spending money we didn't feel our current leadership was looking at debt the way they should," said Hughes.

"Fiscal responsibility, I think good solid conservative planning to make sure we stay true to our vision, our vision has always been to maintain the character of our community while planning for progress," said Stone.

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"We know we can build a facility sufficient to carry not only the 400 students that live in Pike Road and go school but twice that many so that as we grow we will have the capacity and do it within the money that's approved," said Stone.

"We don't think it requires 16 million dollars to build a school we would do a pay as you go model we understand that we're Adidas Originals Retro Trainers

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"I think we need Adidas Lite Racer Neo to have a planning model that we look at what our resources, what we're going to need certainly as we want a school we want education to have an overall rounded Pike Road," said Hughes.

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