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housing has always been an issue in this community. Buckle said he will continue to suggest to the government that the North Saskatchewan River is the best source, but won count on that option being selected.

Water: best solution for the water supply is the North Saskatchewan River, said Lay, adding the city to be in charge of stewardship of the water resource. Pelechosky:

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do have a garbage plan, Rondeau responded, adding people are asked to bring their waste to the bin sites or to the regional landfills.

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He said if elected, his top priority would be to every committee meeting that they have . to see exactly what out there. She stressed council has never said the city would pay for temporary housing.

Reeve incumbent candidate Ed Rondeau said roads are a major issue, and it important to minimize the cost of repairing them. He said oil and gas companies have helped pay for that on roads on which their heavy trucks travel.

are: MD reeve candidates Ed Rondeau and Erwin Thompson and city candidates Kelvin Plain, Bob Buckle, Chris Vining, Debra Pelechosky, Duane Lay and Vicky Lefebvre. Topics discussed included rent, regional water, recreation agreements, green spaces, and the urban forest by First Avenue. Please see Page 4 for story and Page 21 for more pictures. Jordan Small/Cold Lake Sun

´╗┐Candidates express views on issues

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MD of Bonnyville reeve candidates, as well as those vying for city council, prepare to share their views on the issues and answer questions at an Oct. 10 forum sponsored by the Cold Lake Chamber of Commerce. From left Adidas Originals Shoes Yellow

hich organized and sponsored the forum.

Water: can live without water, said Plain, adding the questions around using Cold Lake water haven been answered.

been assured lake won go dry, he noted.

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During the question and answer period, MD resident Mike Wasylyk asked Rondeau if the MD has a garbage plan and when he (Wasylyk) can expect to get back the money he spent fighting the Adidas Neo Girls

Reeve candidates Ed Rondeau and Erwin Thompson were asked about issues in the MD and what they would do about a recreation agreement with the City of Cold Lake.

Bob Buckle:

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Water: should be taken from the North Saskatchewan River. If it does end up coming rom Cold Lake, would have to be sure Cold Lake comes out as the controlling force. Lay:

Water: Vining said water is a provincial matter, but government is yet to come back and fully answer all our questions.

Rent: have an inventory issue, Buckle noted, adding that the building of multi family units will help alleviate that.

For recreation, are looking for healthy alternatives things that anybody can do, Rondeau noted.

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Six of seven city council candidates, and both contenders for Reeve of the MD of Bonnyville, outlined their positions on various topics during an Oct. 10 forum at the Lakeland Inn.

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Rent: Lay said the multi unit plan has been well received and will help the situation.

Thompson agreed that roads suffering from extensive traffic particularly from heavy vehicles.

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Rent: Pelechosky said there is a need to address, with the province, implementation of a rent cap. She said it Adidas Neo Suede Sneakers also important to build more units. He said he is opposed to the idea of work camps, as he feels it an ineffective use of time for the city administration.

Councillor candidate Darrell MacDonald chose not to attend the event to protest fellow candidate Bob Buckle advertising on the electric sign outside the Chamber of Commerce,w Adidas Originals Sneakers White

MD in court over dumpsters put up near his property.

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