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When a driver reports a flyby to Richter, he removes a hard drive in the bus and takes a 15 to 20 second clip of the incident, then puts it on a memory stick. After the driver signs a report about the event, Richter takes everything to the local RCMP Adidas Primeknit Cleats Grey

be working with Lac La Biche and Cold Lake over the year to get Adidas Originals Grey Shoes them set up as well, he noted.

is the first jurisdiction in northeastern Alberta to implement the cameras.

The law stipulates that, when a bus yellow lights come on, drivers going in both directions must prepare to stop. When the red lights are on, and the arm with the stop sign is out, vehicles must be halted. Anyone going through is subject to a $402 fine.

months into the show, we had 15 flybys and 12 tickets issued, he stated.

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Adidas Originals Grey Shoes

Richter would like to see the cameras on all the buses, but will start with the eight owned by NLSD and then go to the ones from contractors (the division has 100 routes). The cost (around $2,500 per bus) is not in the budget right now, but he is hoping the government will provide funds for it, as it has for other initiatives, such as strobe lights and safety markings on the side of the bus.


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One Northern Lights School Division (NLSD) bus now has cameras for catching vehicles that drive past stopped school buses and, says the NLSD Director of Transportation, it comes none too soon.

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´╗┐Cameras help catch bus flybys

When NLSD bought a new bus in the summer, Richter arranged to have the cameras installed at the same time. The bus, he said, is on a route that tends to have issues with flybys.

have been an issue forever, not only in NLSD but also all over the continent, said Matt Black Adidas Originals Trainers

The new cameras which came out of an encounter Richter had with a colleague from Wainwright at a spring 2013 conference, where she showed him the cameras used by that school district are mounted on the sides of the bus, and there is one inside, as well. Richter said the footage he saw clearly showed details such as the license plate number.

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But, Richter stressed, they are. In fact, during one recent day, when he was substituting for another driver, had people going by me in the dark, on curves. said buses are not allowed to exceed 90 kilometres per hour when transporting students to and from school, and drivers have to know that and be patient.

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Richter said it hard to say why people breeze past a stopped bus, but some possible reasons include inattention, trying to beat the bus red lights, the fact that those lights aren used in urban areas, or people from out of province who are unaware of the consequences. Some, he said, have told him they weren aware that flybys are an issue.

However, said Richter, sometimes it not easy to get the full plate number, or the case ultimately gets thrown out of court.

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