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Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

On the other hand, miracles sometimes do happen.

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

be a secular democracy, but in many other places a strict Islamic regime would be a much likelier outcome.

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

The analogy might be with the chain of non violent revolutions that swept the sclerotic Communist regimes of Eastern Europe from power in 1989. Or then again, it might not.

This was a spontaneous uprising, an outburst of sheer exasperation with the corruption and incompetence of the Ben Ali regime. The rebels have no plan for what happens next, and several hundred thousand people with guns and good communications facilities have a lot to lose if the old regime just vanishes.

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

Assuming that all or much of this comes to pass, the most important thing that non Arabs can do, especially in the West, is not to panic. Knee jerk assumptions that such regimes would be implacably hostile to non Muslims would operate as self fulfilling prophecies, but it ain't necessarily so.

in his public dismay at Ben Ali's fall:

"You (Tunisians) have suffered a great loss," he said in a speech broadcast on Libyan state TV. "There is none better than Zine (Ben Ali) to govern Tunisia."

´╗┐Can Tunisia lead

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

Or more precisely, none better to keep Gaddafisafe from his own people.

Not all or even most of them are likely to have one, nor will every attempted revolt succeed, but some may.

So the question arises: If the Tunisian revolt turns into a real democratic revolution, could its example spread? The neighbours certainly think so.

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

There are as many flavours of Islamic politics as there are of ice cream. Some are retrograde and hostile to Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold all opinions other than their own; others are as open and reasonable as the "Christian Democratic" parties of Europe. In the coming years we may well have the opportunity to observe all of those varieties in action.

Many of those who served Ben Ali's dictatorship will not want to start killing their own people on a large scale, and no ideology underpinned the Tunisian regime.

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

Those who gave it their loyalty did so only out of self interest, and their perception of where their interests lie could change quite fast.

It's not yet clear whether the street demonstrations that drove the Tunisian dictator, Zine al Abidine Ben Ali, into exile after 23 years in power will lead to Adidas Neo Green Shoes

Egypt, Syria, Morocco in fact, almost all the Arab countries except the oil rich Gulf states are potentially vulnerable to a Tunisian style revolt.

a genuine democracy. The prime minister he left behind, Mohammed Ghannouchi, is promising free elections soon, but it's still the old regime, minus its leader, that is making the promises. They may not be trustworthy.

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

Muammar Gaddafi, Libya's ruler for the past 41 years, was almost comical Adidas Neo White Shoes Women

So the big question is: What would the successor regimes look like? In Tunisia, if all goes well, it could Adidas Los Angeles Infants

Adidas Originals Shoes Rose Gold

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