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4 Wing Pubic Affairs Officer, Capt. Jennifer Jones agrees.

"Looking at it, I think, if I knew then what I know now?," she trailed off. "But not a lot of people get to go back and look."

She admitted she watches the show Adidas Los Angeles Black and thinks about how she could have done things differently.

And sometimes it?s more difficult to look back at those mistakes.

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"It?s good the course as intense as it is because it forces you to not pay attention to the cameras," she said. "It?s like drinking through a fire hose. The entire course is about being outside of your comfort zone that?s where you learn the most."

This is exactly what Capt. Riel Erickson is going through right now. She is one of the pilots training to become a CF 18 pilot on the Discovery show, Jetstream.

It?s one thing to have to be put through your paces in one of the toughest courses in the world. It?s something else to have it aired on television for the entire country to see.

"It?s encouraging people to ask questions," she said.

of your nation. But it?s good for humility. We don?t want to look terrible, but we don?t want to be cheesy and come across as gods. We just strive to be the best at what we do."

Erickson said it was easy to forget the cameras were there sometimes.

"They were pretty good," she said. "They do give it some attention, but they weren?t following me any more than the guys. I don?t do anything different than the guys. We all have our own stories, and yes, being a girl is part of it."

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There?s days things don?t go the way you want them to the personal side has made it a lot more interesting to people. As much as it was difficult, it?s good."

She said it has been a little difficult watching some of her mistakes.

She remembered one particular episode where it showed her making a rough landing with the CF 18. During her debrief, she sat ramrod straight and had absolutely no expression on her face.

´╗┐Captain Riel Erickson featured on Jetstream

"It?s provided an open door view on what these folks go through," she said.

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Adidas Los Angeles Black


reactions it?s completely different than what I envisioned."

As one of the only female fighter pilots in Canada and the only female on the course, it would have been easy for the crew and show to concentrate on her, but Erickson feels everyone was filmed equally.

As she watches the show, Erickson gets the meaning of "hindsight is 20 20".

"I feel like Scrooge when he gets the ghost of Christmas past," she laughed. "But in a good way. It?s a lot different than going through yearbooks."

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"It?s very, very strange," Erickson said of seeing herself on television, after admitting she watches the show. "Seeing my Adidas Los Angeles White Jd Sports

"It?s an eye opener for people," she said.

For Erickson, fan interest in the Air Force has become a personal thing.

"A lot of women and little girls approach me," she said. "It?s not a traditional role (for a Adidas Primeknit Campus

"Now that I see the show, I see how good the personal side is," she said, saying it?s good for the people of Cold Lake to see it too. "They see the planes take off and land they don?t know how much of the job goes home with you. I think it even helped in the squadron, because people don?t know what we go through it?s not always a good day.

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Jones said she expects interest in the Canadian Air Force will increase as a result of the show.

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Adidas Los Angeles Black

"We all look bad at some point," she said of the pack of pilots. "It?s hard enough messing up in from of your peers, but it?s worse messing up in front Adidas Neo Summit Buy

"That was by far the toughest flight," she said. "I came down, debriefed, and I knew how much I had messed up. Making mistakes here aren?t like I got a 94 instead of 100 there?s consequences. It was a great test of my professionalism. It?s tough to sit there and have someone tell you your mistakes."

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"I?m very critical of myself," Erickson confessed. "All I see is my errors when I watch the show. I?ve got a lot more perspective now."

At the beginning of the shoot in 2006, Erickson thought the show was just about the jets and the base. The first day the film crew showed up, she realized the show was going to be about her and her fellow pilots. She admits she was leery at first about showing the personal side of training to become a fighter pilot.

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Jones pointed out there is a Jetstream group on Facebook. With over 2,000 members, Jones has been watching the message boards, and said it?s great there?s a chance for people to ask questions and to have people who know about the Air Force, the planes and the procedures answering questions.

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