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She was so angry she had threatened to walk out, it is alleged.

Miss Reaney said that it took the night staff three hours before patients were all cleaned, changed and settled into bed.

A larger than normal number were also asking for food and drink, the impression being they had either not been fed or eaten earlier than usual.

One even had her slippers wet Adidas Neo 2018 Shoes

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The jury heard that Johnson had been acting deputy manager and Westhead was the acting senior care assistant.

His inquiries led him to the conclusion that the shift had "been the subject of an attempt by Lindsay Kenyon to sabotage it". He sacked her and Leyland a week later.

with urine. The 11th, an 87 year old woman, was distressed Adidas Originals Gold And Black as she had not been put to bed.

Janet Reaney, prosecuting, told the jury at the start of the trial expected to last two weeks that the responsibility for the "obvious lack of care and neglect of the residents on that shift was both individual and collective, at both management and care assistant level".

Avenue, Grange Park, in the dock is Janette Johnson, 50, of Honiston Avenue, Rainhill; Jean Westhead, 49, of Windle Hall Drive; Jessica Madine, 21, of Swaledale Avenue, Rainhill and Karen Leyland, 46, of Austin Avenue, Grange Park.

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When the owner of the home was notified he suspended Westhead, Madine, Kenyon and Leyland.

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The court heard that there had been a "frosty" atmosphere during that shift because one of the carers, Lindsay Kenyon, was not, as she had expected, been the senior on duty who receives 75p an hour more.

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It was found the slop bucket in the kitchen had not been emptied, the floor not mopped and the dining room table was in a state of disarray, she added.

Ten of the 31 residents needed changing because of continence problems and the 11th was distressed and agitated as she had not been put to bed, claimed Miss Reaney.

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Kenyon is in the dock along with four other employees because it is alleged that instead of caring for the patients, as was their role, they all failed in their duties that day.

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All but one of the 11 patients involved in the charges had been incontinent and needed urgently cleaning and changing as they were soaked through.

No formal safeguarding referral report was made to the Care Quality Commission and it was a later unrelated incident, which was made the subject of a safeguarding report, which led to an investigation into the March 29, 2011 shift and the involvement of the police in June.

The five each deny 11 charges of neglect of a person lacking capacity on March 29, 2011 at Ranelagh Grange, Stoney Lane, Rainhill, St Helens.

She explained that patients suffering from incontinence are regularly checked but that did not happen during that shift.

she said.

Prosecutors told a trial the neglect occurred during a six hour shift and when the night staff arrived to take over they found the eight women and three men in discomfort.

"The conclusion reached by the nightshift workers was that their predecessors on the afternoon shift had simply not attended to any of their duties and that the residents needing assistance had simply not been toileted or changed for a long time," Adidas Originals Trainers Clearance

Alongside 28 year old Kenyon, of Forshaw Adidas Los Angeles Turquoise

The night staff arrived to be met by "a very unpleasant smell of faeces and urine coming from the residents' lounges".

"Eleven of the residents, who lacked the capacity to attend to themselves, had been neglected for the greater part of the shift, by all the defendants on duty during it, left dirty and unchanged and the hint was possibly unfed," claimed Miss Reaney.

´╗┐Care home staff allegedly 'neglected' 11 vulnerable patients'

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All but one in immediate need of cleaning and changing.

They had expected to find about six of the 31 residents still up but there was a large number.

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