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Virginia buttonweed has a pretty, small, white star shaped flower that is borne in the axils of the leaves. One unusual characteristic of this plant is that it also produces flowers below ground, thus amplifying the amount of seed that it produces each year. Unfortunately, this weed can be reproduced not only by seed but by roots, stem fragments, and rhizomes, thus making it very difficult to control. One of the best methods is hand pulling but as your husband has experienced you must get all of the weed to be effective since any little piece can sprout a new plant.

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

from a persistent virus. Unfortunately the virus does not kill the plant so that is not an effective control measure.

(Photo courtesy Harvey Cotten)

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

You have mentioned that there seems to be no effective herbicide control on the surface that is true since this is such a difficult weed to eradicate. Without a doubt there is no one shot cure; you are going to have to be persistent to have any long term success. First of all, there is not a pre emergent herbicide that works on Virginia buttonweed. Its ability to grow from roots, stem fragments and rhizomes makes pre emergent treatments inadequate. When you look at post emergent herbicides, many list control of Virginia buttonweed but do a very poor job.

Virginia buttonweed (Diodia virginiana dee OH dee ah vir GIN i ana) is a perennial weed that will quickly form a dense, prostrate mat in turf areas. The glossy green leaves Adidas Originals Trainers Casual are lance shaped and opposite each other along the leaf stalk or stem. Often the foliage will have a purplish appearance or even a yellow effect Adidas Originals White And Red

I think you are being much too kind to call Virginia buttonweed a mere "pesky weed." As you have experienced, it is very difficult to eradicate and has begun showing up as a major problem in turf areas throughout the Southeast. Those in golf course management, athletic fields and resort complexes have been battling this weed and many have put it in the top three of hardest weeds to control.

If killing everything is not an option, then use a product Adidas Samba Primeknit Limited Edition

the herbicide world! My husband spends hours out there diligently sorting out and tracking back all of the runners to the primary roots and yanking them out. Surely there is something that will get rid of this short of killing off the whole lawn? Any suggestions? Thank you. Susan F.

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama We have what has been identified to us as Virginia buttonweed. It has infested our yard and apparently has no known enemy in Neo Adidas For Girls

I hope this helps. I know that I did not give you a silver bullet or magic elixir but with persistence you can rid your lawn of this very "pesky" weed.

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

with several herbicides in a mixture like Trimec. Spray now and two to three weeks later. Start spraying again in late April to early May and then every four weeks to hit any stragglers. Another effective herbicide is one containing carfentrazone, especially as we get into cooler temperatures this fall. Weed Free Zone by Ferti lome is a good choice. This is a product that I recommend for wild violets, another very difficult weed to control.

´╗┐Can anything kill pesky Virginia buttonweed

I will offer a couple of suggestions with the caveat of knowing this will be a long term project much like yellow nutsedge control.

I often find this particular weed growing in very wet areas especially around leaky irrigation heads so I thought that if you could keep turf areas on the dry side then this would be a good control measure. Sadly, Virginia buttonweed is drought tolerant also so this is a moot point.

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

First, if you have a large area of infestation I would suggest using glyphosate, a systemic nonselective herbicide that will kill roots and all. Know that anything you spray will be affected so spray carefully. Wait two weeks and spray again. Then seed the area with turf type fescue or rye grass for the winter.

Adidas Originals Trainers Casual

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