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Adidas Primeknit Golf

Adidas Primeknit Golf

You 6 What considerations were made for men who are tall (or who have an athletic build) during the design process? It was something that was part of the focus. I stressed the importance of making clothing a person of that stature will be comfortable wearing. In this day and time, many don have the money to buy expensive clothes that would be tailored. I also had in mind it being comfortable for the bigger guy. I think this brand allows those guys to have an outlet to look good as well. You have different seasons, you have different events; having options is what this brand is about.

MADE is available now in Belk department stores and online. I did notice a lot of orange and blue tones, which I'm sure will please Auburn and Carolina fans. Prices range from $28 $65 for casual sportswear and $80 $240 for suiting separates; complete suits are $500. Be on the look out for the development of an accessories line from the brand in the future, as well as childrenswear.

say 'He looked clean or well put together.'

"I understand the customer because I am a Belk customer I think that authenticity is going to be paramount to this collection's success," says Newton. Confidence and comfort are two hallmarks Newton considers when getting dressed, and those qualities carry over into the collection pieces. a person is confident there no telling what that person is able to do, he notes.

We know you design menswear, but what the most stylish thing a woman can wear? That would get my attention? I into shoes, and I always compliment my mom about the shoes she wears. Any outfit for a female can make one dramatic change or turn heads with her [choice of] shoes.

Adidas Primeknit Golf

affect what you wear? Or does it? Nowadays social media gives everybody a voice. That voice is going to be heard. You can be at the gas station or a lounge and a picture can be taken and no matter what you have on, Adidas Neo Pink And White

MADE Cam Newton/Belk

first impressions are the last impression.

´╗┐Cam Newton talks style

How did you balance your day Adidas Los Angeles Continental

How would you define your style? When the opportunity is right I look up to par. From a young age my parents stressed that the first impression is the last impression. In a post game interview, at a dinner or corporate event I always want to look the part. Not to be the flashiest or flamboyant. I want people to be able to

Adidas Primeknit Golf

Adidas Primeknit Golf

Adidas Primeknit Golf

Adidas Primeknit Golf

How does being a high profile person Vintage Adidas Originals Shoes

job and other commitments with designing MADE? Anything done right will take a person time. Belk staff did a great job taking my thoughts and vision and bringing it to life. A lot of credit goes to those guys. My job was easy.

Who is the MADE and what sets your collection apart? I think the 'MADE man' is a man that is smart. One thing I really wanted to make an impact with was having the ability to mix and match. If you have a shirt and sportcoat you really like, you can buy MADE jeans without having to pay for something top to bottom. It gives the consumer that resource. That the fun thing about it.

Adidas Primeknit Golf

Adidas Primeknit Golf

Adidas Primeknit Golf

The Carolina Panthers quarterback, number one draft pick, former Auburn standout, Heisman winner, GQ cover model Adidas Primeknit Golf and philanthropist has added yet another title to his resume: fashion designer.

Adidas Primeknit Golf

Newton presents MADE Cam Newton to suit the modern, Southern style for which our region is known although in his words, the man who wears MADE can be found anywhere. The line features sophisticated but affordable and versatile pieces which can be mixed, matched and easily incorporated into a one's professional and casual wardrobe. Newton was gracious enough to take time away from his many endeavors (including his studies at Auburn University) to share his views on style and what sets his collection apart.

Adidas Primeknit Golf

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