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Another hurdle would be the state's Castle Doctrine.

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property," Myers said.

Although Greene County prosecutors still believe Brown, 22, was Adidas Originals Womens Black

Was it murder or self defense? Was Javon Carter shot execution style, or did he and the shooter struggle over the gun before it went off?

"There was no conclusive scientific evidence that would have established the credibility of either version of events," Myers said.

On one hand, Carter, McDonald and Brewer went to Brown's home to confront him.

to shooting Carter after Carter and two others arrived at his home to "squash a misunderstanding." Both sides agreed to take the fight outside. But here is where the recollections of events differ.

Brown admitted Adidas Originals Trainers Ladies

For one, McDonald was sentenced last week to two years in prison on two different charges of unlawful use of a weapon. Prosecutors feared this would hurt his credibility.

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The two other people with Carter that day Brandon McDonald and Tremon Brewer said Brown unexpectedly pulled the gun and shot Carter after the group had agreed to go outside of Brown's home and fistfight.

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acting outside of the law when he shot Carter, 20, outside Brown's Springfield home in May 2012, convincing a jury of that fact was going to be tough.

On Thursday, Brown and the state struck a deal in exchange for Brown taking responsibility for shooting Carter, the state knocked down the charge from second degree murder to voluntary manslaughter.

Was Joshua Brown acting within the bounds of the state Castle Doctrine?

Another difficultly would be the fact that Brown's witnesses have said that the two men were struggling over the gun when it went off.

'Castle Doctrine' concern entered into plea deal in Springfield slaying

Brewer, similarly, had a previous conviction for burglary.

But the state would have two difficulties in proving that version of events.

McDonald testified during the preliminary hearing in the case that after shooting Carter the first time, Brown leaned over Carter laying on the ground and shot him point blank in his face.

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Although the prosecutor's office still believes that Brown did not act in lawful self defense, prosecutors felt allowing Brown to plead down the case while taking responsibility for Carter's death and abandoning any Castle Doctrine defense was the best tack to take.

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As per the agreement, Brown was sentenced to 10 years of prison. Under state law, he'll have to serve at least 8 1/2 years before being eligible for parole.

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But both parties were in enough agreement to leave Brown's home and go outside together.

"It becomes a matter of, who are you going to believe?" said Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Todd Myers.

But this case is much more of a gray area.

Missouri law does not require a person to retreat from a situation in which they feel threatened, Myers explained.

"What do you do when they go over there for a confrontation? They take it outside, but Adidas Neo Derby Vulc someone brings a gun but he's on his own Adidas Neo Daily Sneaker

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