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Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

"It feels amazing. I want to thank everyone for coming out here. I want the whole of Belfast to be proud of me. I want to be the world champion and I'm well on the way."

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

But this was Frampton's 'coming out' party and he announced his arrival in spectacular fashion, Martinez walking on to a short right hand that dropped him for the first time in the fight.

DesperateThe middle rounds belonged to Frampton as despite taking glancing blows, the solid shots came via the right piston and although Martinez could have been disheartened he didn't show it.

"I told him I'd out box him at the start and out fight him at the end," he told Sky Sports. Adidas Originals Los Angeles Junior Grey

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

However, with the left eye worsening the champion was becoming a little desperate as Frampton kept working him over, landing sharp left hooks Adidas Originals Rose Gold Toe

and eye catching short rights.

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

And it proved to be the last blow of the night as the brave Martinez clambered to his feet, only to sway into the ropes leaving the referee little choice but to wave it off.

´╗┐Carl Frampton beat Kiko Martinez to win the European super

However, Martinez was well in the contest and his left hook landed on several occasions, rocking Frampton's head back in the fourth Adidas Originals Sale Shoes only for the Northern Irishman to respond with a right hook of his own as the fight came to life.

It was the first time Martinez had been stopped in a 30 fight career and Frampton was delighted with the performance.

The end was a surprise when it came though, the result of a hard right hand that caught the champion square in the face, although the preceding two minutes must surely have weakened the Spaniard's legs.

The third saw Frampton control it on the back Adidas Neo High Tops Brown

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

It was a measured approach and Martinez new he had to be more aggressive, stalking his prey more in the second although Frampton unleashed a variety of quality shots and may have just edged it, despite the Spaniard landing a sweet left hook.

"I went in with one of the hardest punchers in the division and I could take them all day.

It wasn't one way traffic by any means, though, and Martinez played a big role in an entertaining contest, but the quality of the challenger's work was exemplified in the ninth round as Frampton turned on the style as he went through the gears.

foot as the champion continued to do the stalking, the local boy again often landing first with the right hook and upper cut working particularly well.

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

Adidas Originals Sale Shoes

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